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Welcome To Corbett Ramganga Resort

Hectic schedules, deadlines to meet and jet setting around the world certainly deserve a break How about a trip to paradise!!!!
Imagine a place where you could see the majestic "Tiger", catch the world's toughest sporting fish called "Mahseer" trek on the foothills of Almora Ranges where a whiff of fresh air and fragrance of exotic flowers greet you at every step, drive to Manila for special lunch in the mountains under the clear blue sky with Nanda Devi, Trishul Bander Punchi and other high peaks of Himalayas for company and enjoy the sunrise as it splashes hues of red on blushing mountains. You think your imagination is working over time? Well, think again. Paradise is closer than you think.

The Property

Corbett Ramganga Resort is on the down slope of a hill, surrounded by thick forests of Kumaon, bounded by the Ramganga River running along its manicured lawns and looking into a wide valley and hills of Garhwal. A hill resort with a beautiful flowing river front situated in the forest with no local population around, the Corbett Ramganga Resort is a nature lover's paradise with a full size swimming pool, toddlers pool, indoor games such as table tennis, chess, carom, cards etc. Guests can also play outdoor games like cricket, football, volley ball, badminton, tug of war etc. in our seven acres of green lawns. For our special guest (kids between 2-12 years) we have swings/ seesaw/ slides etc to make their stay more pleasurable. One can also go for hiking, trekking, nature walk along the river, take a jeep/elephant safari through Corbett or feel rejuvenated in our full size pool, read books, watch wild life movies and much more.

Ramganga Resort

  • Welcome to Welcome Heritage Corbett Ramganga Resort-the most happening incentive/conference/team building destination of India-a heady mixture of unique mind boggling adventure and remarkable natural beauty. A destination where can revitalize your mind, body and soul amidst scenery that is simple mind blowing.
  • Situated on the northern boundary of famous Corbett national Park, right on the banks of gin clear River Ramganga, the resort is spread over 20 acres and facilities available includes full size swimming pool, toddler's pool for kids, indoor games such as table tennis, chess, carom, outdoor games like cricket, football, volley-ball, badminton, tennis (hard court), tug-of-war, library and much more..
  • Nearby Bonkhal offers breath-taking views of the snow-capped Himalaya. For the adventures, there's the Jeep Safari to Durgadevi, Domunda and Lohachaur between November to June. There's the Jeep Safari to Durgadevi, Domunda and Lohachar between November to June. There's also excellent bird-watching and glimpses of wild elephants. With luck, you might encounter the Lord of Jungle...THE TIGER.
  • That's not all. If fishing interests you, the Ramganga is just right for testing the King of the River...the Mahseer. The biggest catch recorded here is a 6-foot, 76 lbs.


  • Whether it’s planning a workshop, a management seminar, trade or product launch, training sessions or any other business affair, the resort offers customized solutions to meet individual requirements ensuring successful & memorable business events.
  • Our State of the Art conference facility is perfect for any & every business activity.
  • Convenience and comfort of meetings and events, the true tradition of a fine hotel is reflected in the excellent meeting facilities offered at our resort.
  • The conference hall has the capacity to cater to approx 100 people at a time with utmost comfort and luxury in the Forest. The availability of the latest meeting and theatre friendly equipments such as LCD projector, OHP projector, sound system, white projection screen, white board with markers, mikes and other audio visual gadgets provide all sorts of assistance to the business travellers.


  • Established in the year 1936, the Corbett National Park in Uttaranchal, India was popularly known as the Ramganga National Park and prior to that it was known as the Hailey National Park.
  • It has the unique privilege of being the oldest national park in India and also enjoys the privilege of being the first national park of India to be covered under the famous Project Tiger.
  • Located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, it is rated amongst the finest national parks of India. The park covers an area of 520.8 sq. km and is famous for its unique scenic beauty. Forest covers almost 73% of the park, 10% of the area consists of grasslands.
  • It houses around 110 tree species, 50 species of mammals, 580 bird species and 25 reptile species.
  • The varied wildlife in Corbett National Park ranges from large mammals to the lesser ones, the birds, the reptiles and amphibians, the fishes, the insects, the mollusks, the crustaceans and more. But the Corbett National Park is known for its ferocious yet handsome Royal Bengal Tigers. No wonder, it is appropriately called the heaven of majestic tigers.
  • The Corbett National Park also has a significant population of antelopes and deer. The park also shelters a significant population of omnivorous Wild Pigs and Wild Boars.
  • Corbett is the nest to more than 600 registered species of birds which makes the park to greatest number of birds in the country. As the park is located in the migratory route, it is a stopover for many passage migrants.
  • Corbett National Park is a paradise of wildlife and bird lovers and is a must visit for any wildlife and nature loving person.


  • Enter Jim Corbett National Park after taking necessary permits in advance (Booking of safari starts 31 days in advance).
  • Carry binoculars for better spotting.
  • Take a Nature Guide along for spotting wildlife and scenic landscapes.
  • Drive slowly in the Park. Enjoy elephant and Jeep safari quietly.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the animals.
  • Keep the area pollution and litter free by disposing off the garbage into the bag provided.
  • During winter, wear sufficient warm clothes. For summer, a hat + dark glasses are a must.
  • Apply sunscreen and drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration.
  • Obey the instructions of naturalist/FOM.
  • Keep a safe distance from large animals (30 metres/150 ft at least).
  • Keep children in immediate sight.


  • Wear earthy color clothes and avoid strong perfumes to avoid animals attention.
  • Don't carry any kind of arms. Shoot with a camera instead.
  • Don't get off your vehicle at a point where it is not allowed.
  • Consumption of non- vegetarian food and alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the national park.
  • Carry binoculars for better spotting.
  • Do not make noise. Listen to the silence and symphony of the forest instead. Talk, only if necessary, in whispers.
  • Must not smoke. It is against the law, disturbs animals and poses a serious fire threat to the forest.
  • Do not use flash while photographing wildlife. Use natural light.
  • Consider Tiger sighting a bonus since they are shy and highly elusive creatures. There is a myriad of other beautiful, rare and interesting animals and birds to see in the forest.
  • While on the nature trail, do not go off the track. By doing so you might trample on flowers, bushes and young saplings Or may disturb nesting birds.
  • Do not attempt to approach too close to an animal. Even seemingly harmless animals can be dangerous if disturbed.
  • Feeding attracts animals to roadside putting them in great danger. Feeding also leads to the animal eating garbage which spell disaster for their digestion.
  • Do not try : Herding animals into a better scene. cornering, following or chasing them. Throwing objects or calling out to change behavior.


  • Corbett National Park: Tiger Reserve famous for its rich flora and fauna. Elephant & jeep safari's are possible between November to June.
  • Bonkhal: For breath-taking views of the Himlaya's 8 km from the Resort.
  • Manila: 40 km from the Resort at an altitude of 6000 feet famous for old Manila Devi Temple. Snow covered in winter. Provides a panoramic view of Himalayan Peaks like Kamet, Bander Punchi, Nanda Devi, Trishul and the Ramganga + Mausi Valley: Ideal place for day picnic with packed lunch.
  • Ranikhet: A hill station, duyllic in its charm, Ranikhet with its majestic pine trees is 74 km via scenic Chimtakhal - Bhatrojkhan. Full day visit with packed lunch is possible.
  • Nainital: Lake surrounded by hils and dense forests, world famous hill station is 95 km via Ramnagar-Kaladhungi. Full day visit with packed lunch is possible.



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